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December 2019

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits After Surgery: Get the most from your Accident.

Injured Workers who sustain serious injuries on the job, from working on a construction site to a motor vehicle accident, surgery may be recommended.  In deciding whether to undergo surgery due to injuries sustained at work, the injured worker often faces a difficult choice: whether it is in their best interest to have a surgery that may improve their medical condition but which will also result in a longer time period out of work.  In answering this question, the injured worker must consider the weekly cost of living, including the needs of household dependents such as a spouse or children. ...

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NYC Construction Worker Accident at World Trade Center

A New York City Construction Worker was Injured while performing Construction Work at the new 4 World Trade Center.  The concrete worker was working as a form stripper at the construction of the new sixty-four story commercial tower. The Construction Worker became Injured when a four by four he was removing from the ceiling fell or slid down and struck him in the ribs. The ground lessee of the premises hired a general contractor in 2008 to construct the new tower.  The general contractor then hired a number of subcontractors to perform trade work at this construction site.  This included concrete...

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New York City Architect Struck by Falling Debris Dies

Erica Tishman, a Manhattan architect was struck by falling debris and died at the scene from her injuries. The building is located on 729 7th Ave and is owned by commercial real-estate firm Himmel + Meringoff Properties. The company had been granted permits for the danger zone but had never followed up with safeguarding the area. Mrs. Tishman, was a prominent New York City architect and philanthropist who served on the Board of Directors for the Educational Alliance.Spectators were quick to report that the falling debris which impacted Mrs.Tishman may not have been debris after all, but something much bigger. Photos from...

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NYC Lawyer represents Dog Bite Victim


A New York City Lawyer is representing a young dog bite victim who’s only 11 years old. The victim had their face bitten off by a dog, and we were reminded why the dog owner is not always guaranteed to be the one responsible for the attack.  The facts in this case are simple.  The child was visiting the dog owners’ house with his older brother.  Without provocation, the dog bit the child on the face and would not let go until another child opened the dog’s mouth.  As a result of the dog attack, the child suffered multiple severe...

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