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Many law firms can claim big settlement numbers, but not many can say they were instrumental in changing the law. That’s precisely what we did in 2011.

That year, our firm took the case, Wilinski v. 334 East 92nd Housing Development Fund Corp., all the way to New York State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. Our successful appeal set a new precedent which allows workers to collect for injuries sustained in construction accidents that had previously not been protected by the laws of New York State. In Wilinski, we expanded the scope of what type of construction hazards are protected by the law, and in doing so allowed many more construction workers to collect awards for their injuries and economic damages.

Other firms now refer to the Wilinski case to establish the merits of their own cases. To those firms I say: you’re welcome!

The success of the Wilinski case was the result of a combination of several factors:

(1) The courage and stamina to go forward even as lesser settlements were lobbed at us.
(2) The understanding that we had a strong, winnable case, and
(3) The compassion for our client and the drive to right the wrongs that were imposed upon him.

Total Recovery:$900,000
Attorneys' Fees (1/3)-$300,000
Any Liens (WCB or medical):-$10,000
Total to Client:$580,00

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