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Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney


Brooklyn is the number one leading borough in New York in terms of car accidents. All drivers should be very cautious while driving on any roads in Brooklyn because the area has high traffic and is very dense. There are many possibilities of types of accidents that may occur, but overall just be safe and careful while operating a vehicle. ...

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Subway Fire in Harlem NYC : 19 Injured, 1 Death

Subway Fire NYC 19 injured 1 dead

Injured NYC Passengers didn’t expect to be casualties in today’s NYC Subway Fire that broke out in Harlem. 19 people were injured including 1 death. Fire marshals are questioning a person of interest following a deadly subway fire early this morning in Harlem. The tragedy below ground killed an A train operator. Plumes of smoke could be seen above ground. The inside of the second car of a northbound 2 train was totally destroyed by the fire. Seats and light were completely melted, with only metal and black ash left. The MTA says that the train pulled into the 110th...

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NYC Car Accidents: Who is liable for roadway, sidewalk, and curb defects?

NYC Car Accident and NYPD

New York City Car Accidents can be caused by potholes, cracks, hummocks, sunken cuts from contractor work, raises, negligently placed barricades, defective hardware such as subway grates and manhole covers, and other defects.   Drivers and pedestrians are constantly at risk of injury.  If you suffer an accident due to one of these defects, it is important to immediately contact an attorney who can assist you in determini­ng who is liable for your injuries.  A plaintiff’s (injured victim) failure to meet certain filing requirements specific to municipal defendants, such as the City of New York or the New York City Transit...

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Hit and Run | NYC Attorney

Hit and run attorney

New York City has many hit and run accidents daily. Make sure you follow the steps in this article to ensure that you have a proper case in your hands. All information, including a police report will be viable evidence to help prove your case. Don’t find yourself on the bad end by not having a proper legal team behind you. The Platta Law Firm is here to fight for your rights and to give you the best chance in retrieving a proper settlement for you. ...

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Saw Cutting Accident Attorney

Saw Accident Lawyer

In New York there are many construction sites that require the use of a saw. Saw accidents are more common that you would imagine. It is imperative to have the right legal team behind you if you ever find yourself in a saw accident. Saw accidents can lead to a loss of a limb, loss of fingers, or even death due to a loss of blood. The Platta Law Firm has had many years of experience in regards to saw accidents that occur in New York City. There is no other legal team that will have your back in this...

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Trench Collapse Accidents NYC

Trench Accident Attorney

A trench collapse lawyer is going to be an important addition to your team while fighting for a settlement. You should not try to discuss anything with insurance companies as they will try to give you the cheapest settlement possible. You must allow a top legal firm to get you what you deserve. Trench collapses, also known as cave ins, are possibly the deadliest accidents. In the underground utility industry, these types of accidents can occur more often.Trench Collapse Lawyers in New York City are able to help you and your family if you are in a terrible situation such as a trench collapse. There can be...

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Welding Accidents NYC Attorney

Welding Accident

In New York City there are many cases of welding accidents that will require an attorney to get you the settlement you deserve. Welding is the most hazardous job among construction related accidents. Thousands of welders in the US get injured by burns that are called “welder’s flash” and toxic chemicals. There are other tradesmen, such as pipe fitters and irons workers who also weld and make up about 2 million people in these working positions. The specific tools that welders use are very dangerous and a welding accident can happen to anyone. Make sure that you are ready to have the right legal team behind you in...

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Pedestrian Knockdown Attorney New York

Pedestrian Knockdown attorney

A Pedestrian knockdown attorney in New York will fight for your justice if you are struck by a vehicle. These types of accidents can be devastating or even fatal. Pedestrians comprise about 12 percent of all traffic fatalities. In 2009, driver inattention was around 36% percent of crashes. The failure of a driver to yield to pedestrians was cited in 27% of fatal pedestrian. The speed of a vehicle can play a major role in the severity of injuries in a crash with a pedestrian. 95% of pedestrians will survive a collision with a vehicle traveling 20mpg or slower, survivability falls to 60% if the car is traveling 30...

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