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A New York City Car Accident Attorney is one of the most important components involved in receiving the correct settlement for your case. A motor vehicle accident can change your life in an instant. If you are injured and / or suffered property damage as a result of an accident involving a motor vehicle you may be entitled to damages. The Platta Law Firm has had years of experience in winning settlements for clients who have suffered accidents in any of our five boroughs, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, and Brooklyn.

A New York City Car accident attorney will be responsible for navigating the issues and ensure your rights are protected. The Platta Law Firm would be fighting your case and proving to the judge that you are deserving of your claims. When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to claim compensation under New York’s no fault insurance law. As the victim of a car accident, you should not rely on any insurance company, even your own, to protect your interests. Every insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys assigned to auto accident claims. The primary goal of such a team is to limit the amount of compensation they pay to auto accident victims like yourself.

There are certain precautions to take right after you get into an accident. You must stop at the scene of the accident whether the accident involved a pedestrian, a parked car, or moving car, or property. It is the law in New York State that drivers involved in an accident must stay at the scene to exchange any information or give assistance to the injured party. You can be charged with hit and run and face harsh penalties if you flee the scene. Jail, fine, or both are highly probable in a hit and run case.

Do not volunteer any additional information, in the sense that you may think you are in the wrong and learn that the other driver may have more blame in the scenario you are in. The first step would be to discuss with your insurance agent, and a lawyer. You should not agree to pay for damages or sign any documents except a traffic ticket.

There are hundreds of car accidents and truck accidents every day in New York City. The need for expensive medical care and treatment will be a sudden case. Your family may depend on you, and your injury may prevent you from being able to work. Roughly 678 car accident happen per day and about 200,000 a year in New York City. Make sure to keep us in mind incase an accident arises or if a relative is involved in one.

The Platta Law Firm has experienced car accident attorneys and the expertise to combat insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve. We have represented many car accident victims and have received over $50 Million dollars in settlements. If your family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or as a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle, contact The Platta Law Firm immediately and schedule a consultation.

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