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Finding a Construction Accident Attorney can be a very discouraging process. We understand the efforts in finding a proper attorney can be physically and emotionally demanding, especially after suffering from a physical injury that may leave you hopeless.


In New York City, finding a proper and qualified construction accident attorney could be the difference in receiving a life changing settlement or not getting what you deserve. In 2011, our firm prevailed in New York State Court of Appeals (highest appellate Court in the State of New York) and changed the law governing the construction accidents in New York State. This happened after a fierce full legal battle for adequate recovery for one of our clients [Wilinski v. 334 East 92nd Housing development Fund Corp., 18 N.Y.S 2d 551 (2011)]. The change of law resulting from our successful argument before the Court of Appeals, allows victims to obtain fair compensation for the injuries sustained in construction accidents that were previously not protected by the laws of New York State.
We are proud to set such a high standard for lawyers in the area of construction accidents. Many individuals who suffer from a construction accident don’t get what they deserve in terms of compensation.  The Platta Law firm will fight for every dollar you deserve and make the process for our clients as smooth as possible. We value each client and we value the peace of mind your family deserves knowing you will receive the best possible outcome for your injuries.


Being a top New York City construction accident attorney involves transparency and seeking constant comfortability for our clients. We also want to ensure that all legal issues resulting from construction accidents are handled with the utmost professionalism and respect at our firm. Workers’ Compensation claims will also be handled for our clients in order to help them be comfortable throughout the entire time they are not working. Therefore, if there is assistance necessary with medical treatments or lost wages covered by Workers’ Compensation Law, our law firm will ensure that both personal injury litigation and Workers’ Compensation claim are given the same attention. Our clients do not have to contact other law firms to handle their Workers’ Compensation claims who may spend hours on the phone trying to reach someone who can help. They simply call the same attorney that handled their personal injury litigation at our law firm to seek help.


It is also important to be educated in what exactly could be considered as a Construction Accident. In 2014, 3 in 10 fatal accidents were from workers falling from a height. Under New York Labor Law Section 240(1) a worker who is injured as a result of being injured by falling from a height or being struck by a falling object while in the course of their employment can seek monetary recovery against an owner or general contractor.  Such accidents can occur while working on a ladder, scaffold, or an elevated platform.  In addition, many workers at sites are injured from being struck by falling objects such as construction debris, tools, materials or steel beams.   Either falling from a height or being struck by a falling object can account for devastating injuries to workers on site. It is important at the job site for the supervisors and managers to inspect and correct unsafe work environments to prevent accidents from occurring.


In addition, under New York 241(6) an owner or general contractor can be held responsible for violations of the Industrial Code.  A violation can occurred when a construction worker falls into an uncovered holes or slips on a wet or oily substance. For your own benefit, it is imperative that you use a proven construction accident attorney to get the job done for you.


The Platta Law Firm will be by your side to fight for what you deserve. We specialize in retrieving compensation for clients who have suffered Construction Accidents in New York. Our firm has been able to settle over $50,000,000 in compensation for our clients, helping them have an easier life after injury along with being able to look after their family.