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Premises Accidents

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We have the experience and legal knowledge to handle all kinds of premises liability cases

The property owners in New York have a responsibility to keep people who are on their property reasonably safe from harm. When property owners fail to live up to this responsibility, it can often result in accidents, and they may be held liable to provide compensation to accident victims or their families. Talking with a lawyer about your rights is an important step if you have been hurt on another person’s property. These types of claims are complex and having an experienced attorney on your side is important.

It is also important to seek out the advice of an attorney experienced in handling both personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.  As an experienced personal injury firm, we will recognize whether you have a valid personal injury in addition to your workers’ compensation claim, and will be able to handle both claims with expertize and efficiency.  We will work tirelessly to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

At The Platta Law Firm, PLLC, we have the experience and legal knowledge to handle all kinds of premises liability cases. We work hard to pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses for people who have suffered serious injuries in accidents on other people’s property.

The Platta Law Firm, PLLC represents clients throughout New York State in premises liability claims, involving:

  • sidewalk accidents
  • inadequate security
  • slip, trip and fall accidents
  • municipal liability
  • stairwell accidents
  • falling on broken stairs
  • handrail accidents
  • elevator accidents
  • escalator accidents
  • parking lot accidents
  • ice and snow accidents
  • ceiling collapse
  • lead paint poisoning
  • commercial and retail store accidents

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