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Scaffolding Accident Attorney

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Scaffolding Accident Attorney

scaffolding accident attorney

A scaffolding accident attorney will be able to get you a settlement for an injury caused due to a scaffolding issue. There are over 500,000 construction accidents that happen every year, 1 out of every 5 are scaffolding accidents. The OSHA has standards and guidelines for scaffolding, but they are not always followed by construction companies. You are regulated in the use of base plates, scaffold ties, guard railing, fastening pins, and mud sills. If you do not follow these rules simply due to it being expensive or deeming them unnecessary, that is a definite violation.

A Scaffolding accident attorney can determine the cause of the accident, usually ranging from, defective equipment, improper construction, lack of safety features, or negligence. There was a scaffolding accident not long ago where a large section of scaffolding ripped off a six-story building under construction at 527 Grand Street in Williamsburg. The wind sent debris flying from one building over to another one, landing there instead of lower, which could have led to tragedy. Three workers were on site and got injured and are expected to survive. Another more recent event in 2019, four construction workers were injured in a Hudson Yards scaffolding collapse. Four workers were hurt when a scaffolding collapsed in Hudson yards. Two construction workers fell from a scaffolding on the 18th floor and landed a floor below. Back in 2001, there was an accident where at least 11 construction workers were injured, and three firefighters sent to the scene were slightly hurt in the collapse. The collapse left steel, stone, and wood, all piled up to the third-floor window of the building. At least 5 construction workers were killed when a 14-story scaffolding structure collapsed. Police and firefighters dug through the rubble looking for anyone trapped underneath.  

After being involved in a scaffolding accident you should seek immediate medical attention. Being able to obtain all the evidence and possibly photograph the scene of the accident will all be important. The next step should be reporting the accident to the construction company and property owner. You should then consult with an experienced attorney. Using a ladder or scaffold for improper tasks better suited for other construction equipment can lead to accidents while using a scaffold. Another very common accident is improperly installing or placing the scaffold. There are also many accidents where someone with no proper training is negligent in the erection of the scaffold.

A construction worker deals with many potential dangers on a daily basis. Working in this field has become increasingly dangerous, especially in New York, where workers may have to be suspended high up due to the tall buildings. In comparison to other accidents, most ladder and scaffold accidents can be prevented if companies and property owners follow rules and regulations. A lawyer who is deeply familiar with the state’s Labor Laws will be able to determine which party is truly responsible for this. An aggressive scaffolding accident lawyer will be able to obtain the best compensation for your incident. The Platta Law Firm has the top attorneys for this accident. We have helped many families in obtaining a settlement that will give peace of mind to both the victim and their loved ones, knowing that any future stress and medical bills will be covered. Don’t go on this journey alone, let The Platta Law Firm guide you through the entire process and ultimately get you what you deserve.

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