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Welding Accidents | NYC Attorney

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Welding Accidents | NYC Attorney

Welding Accident

In New York City there are many cases of welding accidents that will require an attorney to get you the settlement you deserve. Welding is the most hazardous job among construction related accidents. Thousands of welders in the US get injured by burns that are called “welder’s flash” and toxic chemicals. There are other tradesmen, such as pipe fitters and irons workers who also weld and make up about 2 million people in these working positions. The specific tools that welders use are very dangerous and a welding accident can happen to anyone. Make sure that you are ready to have the right legal team behind you in case you are ever involved in one of these accidents.

New York City welding accidents are more common than one thinks. Some of these injuries include eye injuries due to the bright exposure and welders flash that can damage the retina of an eye, ultimately blindness. Another potential injury are skin injuries caused from potential skin burns that can lead to long term UV radiation exposure associated with skin cancer. A lot of toxic particles from welding can enter the lungs and over time can cause nervous system disorders, and lung problems. You must makes sure to be safe on these construction sites and wear all safety equipment necessary to help prevent any of these potential injuries. If you do find yourself injured due to any negligence or safety issues, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be by your side, fighting for your rights till the end.

We will help you recover medical treatment and related costs. If there are any emergency department care services given to you, hospitalization, ongoing care costs, or even any future medical needs, we will help you retrieve those. You will also be able to claim pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish. Every lawsuit must be able to prove that you are the victim and certain examples can be unsafe working conditions, insufficient toxic fume protection, or even subpar job site supervisions. Any form of negligence can be use to help you have a better case. You may also suffer from explosions and electricity currents that are running wild while you are performing a welding task.

The Platta Law Firm will make sure to get you a comprehensive coverage for your medical bills, current treatments, future treatments, and wages lost during your time away from work. The Platta Law Firm understands how life altering and complex this entire process can seem to you. We pride ourselves with providing exceptional service, making the entire process as simple as possible for you. We understand how important your family is and the importance of having peace of mind during a tragic event such as this. Please make sure to reach out to us for a free consultation about your case, we can be reached at 212-514-5100. Our professional legal staff is on call waiting to help you fight for what is right.

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